Pairing arithmetic device, pairing arithmetic method and recording medium having pairing arithmetic program recorded thereon

Contact: Mototaka Senda, Ph.D.
Phone: (1)510-468-3372

Patent number: US8477934


A pairing arithmetic device is provided with a CPU which calculates pairing e(S,Q), with F as a rational function calculated using S∈G1, Q∈G2, a predetermined integer variable as χ, and an algorithm (MMA) of a mirror with respect to multi-pairing as F. The order r, the trace t of the Frobenius endomorphism map/image Φp are specified using the integer variable χ according to the degree of embedding k. The CPU carries out the arithmetic operation by means of: an inputting means which inputs the aforementioned integer variable χ, the rational point S, and the rational point Q into their respective predetermined registers; a calculating means which calculates F; a calculating means which calculates values at a rational point Q(xQ,yQ) on a straight line which passes through predetermined rational points; a calculating means which calculates fχ,s(Q) using F and the aforementioned value; and a calculating means which uses fχ,s(Q) to calculate the pairing e(S,Q) as a [83].performing machining, e.g. cylindrical grinding.

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