Cell cultivation method and cell culture

Contact: Mototaka Senda, Ph.D.
Phone: (1)510-468-3372
E-mail: ousvo@okayama-u.ac.jp

Patent number: US 8647867 B2


Provided is a cell cultivation method in which the cell is cultured using a peptide hydrogel as a scaffold, for carrying out high-dimensional culture of a cell such as porcine hepatocyte, human hepatocyte, porcine pancreatic islet or human pancreatic islet for a long period under conditions where cell survival, cell morphology and cell functions are maintained. Also provided are a cell culture including a cell and a peptide hydrogel obtained by the above-described cultivation method, a bioreactor including the cell culture, and a cell preparation including the cell culture.

Life Science
The present invention relates to a cell cultivation method and a cell culture

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