A new path to sepsis diagnosis and its treatment – Histidine-rich glycoprotein can be a prognostic prediction and a precision biomarker –

March 22(Thu), 2018

Hiroshi Morimatsu, Professor (Anesthesiology and Resuscitology), Masahiro Nishibori, Professor (Pharmacology) at the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Okayama University, and their research group collected blood samples from patients admitted to the ICU as a part of a clinical research study and measured the Histidine-rich glycoprotein (“HRG”) levels. The result showed that the level of the HRG of seriously ill patients was significantly lower than the level of healthy volunteers. Further, it was found that the HSG level of septic patients was even lower than the one of seriously ill patients.
The research also found that the decreased level of HRG could be a diagnostic assay with higher precision than the existing septic tests (plocalcitonin and presepsin). The level of HRG lowering during a patient’s stay in the ICU can also be closely related to the fatality rate during the period of 28 days. This showed that HRG is not only useful for diagnosing sepsis, but can also be a biomarker for prognostic prediction.
This research result was published in the science magazine “Critical Care Medicine” on March 15, 2018.

The result of this clinical research strongly suggests the possibility of applying the clinical condition analysis result from the septic mouse model published in 2006 to humans. Combining diagnostic medicine and drug development may lead to establishing a treatment that is effective in actual medical practice.

Article Information


Authors: Kosuke Kuroda, Hidenori Wake, Shuji Mori, Shiro Hinotsu, Masahiro Nishibori, Hiroshi Morimatsu

Journal:Critical Care Medicine

Title: Decrease in Histidine-Rich Glycoprotein as a Novel Biomarker to Predict Sepsis Among Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrom

Year of Publication:April 1, 2018



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