A World First! Successful Attack on 114-bit Order Elliptic Pairing Crypto Curve by Deciphering Next-generation Cryptography of IoT Era

August 18(Fri), 2017

In the society today, cryptographic technology is used to protect confidential information as confidential information is frequently handled. RSA cryptography and elliptic curve cryptography that are widely used, have been strictly evaluated for the safety with large-scale decryption experiments. As we enter into the IoT era, elliptical pairing cryptography has attracted attention as a next-generation cryptographic technique suitable for the cloud, with the ability to mutually authenticate IoT devices in a simple way and retrieve data without decrypting the data.  Implementation of elliptical pairing cryptography on IoT devices is expected. However, its safety has never been rigorously evaluated with extensive large-scale decoding experiments.

The research group of Professor Yasuyuki Nogami of Department of Biological Science, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University, Professor Satoshi Uehara of the University of Kitakyushu, and Professor Nariyoshi Yamai of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology amongst others performed large-scale decoding experiments utilizing computers with approximately 3000 cores to evaluate the elliptical pairing cryptography. The experiment successfully decoded the elliptic discrete logarithm problem on the pairing curve with the size of 2114 (114 bits, approximately 35 digits in decimal). It is the first successful experiment in the world in the decoding of the elliptic curve realizing elliptic curve pairing cryptography. The result of this study calls for more rigorous evaluation of the safety of elliptical pairing cryptography and re-examination of the security level of cryptographic technology installed in security-related products. The report of successful decryption attack sends alert to the world to ensure information security of small devices that play major roles in the IoT era.


Okayama University Silicon Valley Office (OUSVO)

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RSA cryptography, elliptic curve cryptography

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