The Production of Organoids with Cancer Stem-like Models Leads to a Successful Living Organism Analysis. Discovery of Organoids with Cancer Cells Efficiently Accumulating and Secreting Protein

February 16(Fri), 2018

A collaborative research group of Takanori Eguchi, Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Okayama University, and JSR Life Sciences Corporation successfully established cancer models, i.e. tumor organoids, produced in three dimensions using various cancer cells in vitro, and revealed their numerous characteristics. In the field of tumor organoid research, cancer can be reproduced in three dimensions, thus this model can provide the most advanced technology to enable analysis that is closer to living organisms. The tumor organoids, produced during this research from cancer cells with high metastatic and treatment-resistant levels, were shown to actively secrete HSP90α, a type of protein that promotes cancer growth and extracellular vesicles. The findings from this research are expected to clarify the mechanisms of cancer recurrence and metastasis, and lead to the development of new treatments. This research was published in the international open access scientific journal“PLOS ONE”on February 7, 2018.


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Authors: Takanori Eguchi, Chiharu Sogawa, Yuka Okusha, Kenta Uchibe, Ryosuke Iinuma, Kisho Ono, Keisuke Nakano, Jun Murakami, Manabu Itoh, Kazuya Arai, Toshifumi Fujiwara, Yuri Namba, Yoshiki Murata, Kazumi Ohyama, Manami Shimomura, Hirohiko Okamura, Masaharu Takigawa, Tetsuya Nakatsura, Ken-ichi Kozaki, Kuniaki Okamoto, and Stuart K Calderwood.

Journal:PLOS ONE

Title: Organoids with Cancer Stem Cell-like Properties Secrete Exosomes and HSP90 in a 3D NanoEnvironment.

Year of Publication:  Feb 7, 2018



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