Understanding a part of the progress mechanism of periodontal inflammation – Anti-HMGB1 antibody attenuates bone resorption by a periodontal infection

March 22(Thu), 2018

Dr. Chiaki Hirata, Asst. Prof. Keisuke Yamashiro, Prof. Shogo Takashiba (Department of Pathophysiology-Periodontal Science) and Prof. Masahiro Nishibori, (Department of Pharmacology), at the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Okayama University; discovered that HMGB1 (High Mobility Group Box 1), which is an inflammatory mediator, is involved in the progression of periodontal infections. It was published in the U.S. science journal, “Infection and Immunity” on March 12, 2018.

The research group focused on HMGB1 secreted from the gingival epithelial cells and the macrophage-like cells by the inflammatory stimulus. They administered anti-HMGB1 antibody, which blocks HMGB1 secretions in a murine periodontal disease model, to examine bone resorption by the periodontal infections. The results showed that the extracellular translocation of HMGB1 from the nucleus was inhibited by the antibody administration, and the inflammation by periodontal infections was attenuated. Also, neutrophils migration and inflammatory cytokines production, and bone resorption by periodontal infections were decreased. From these results, it has become clear that HMGB1 affects the progress of periodontal infections. These findings could be useful for the future applications of anti-inflammatory drugs to block HMGB1.

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Authors: Chiaki Yoshihara-Hirata, Keisuke Yamashiro, Tadashi Yamamoto, Hiroaki Aoyagi, Hidetaka Ideguchi, Mari Kawamura, Risa Suzuki, Mitsuaki Ono, Hidenori Wake, Masahiro Nishibori, Shogo Takashiba

Journal:Infection and Immunity

Title: Anti-HMGB1 neutralizing antibody attenuates periodontal inflammation and bone resorption in a murine periodontitis model

Year of Publication:2018

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